Welcome to the nation's leading child personal safety program.

Our mission is to help ensure the personal safety of children and youth through increased awareness, education, advocacy and action. Our goal is to prevent all forms of child victimization by teaching families, professionals and other community members how to recognize, interrupt and report inappropriate behaviors and situations.

CLP/TLP helps children and teens stay safe from sexual abuse, harassment, abduction, drugs and bullying/cyberbullying. This is accomplished through:

  • emphasizing every child's right to live free of abuse,
  • promoting healthy social relationships,
  • nurturing mutual kindness and respect,
  • setting personal and digital boundaries,
  • teaching age-appropriate Child Lures and practicing proven prevention strategies for each lure,
  • identifying trusted adults and
  • upholding a zero tolerance environment in which harassment & abuse are openly discussed and disclosed.

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Celebrating Seven Years of Personal Safety Education with Child Lures Prevention/Teen Lures Prevention:

Henrico County Public Schools; Henrico, Virginia

We'd like to extend a heartfelt "Thank You!" to Henrico County Public Schools for their seven years of personal safety education utlizing Child Lures Prevention's Think First Stay Safe School Program curriculum into Mehfoud, Varina, Sandston and Trevvett Elementary, as well as the Teen Lures TV Newscast School Program curriculum into Moody Middle School.


Think First & Stay Safe Curriculum Unanimously Approved by National Educators to Stop Trafficking (NEST)

NEST Advisory Committee has unanimously approved Child Lures Prevention's Think First & Stay Safe™ School Program as a NEST curriculum provider. "Congratulations! We are thrilled with the quality of your curriculum and look forward to working with you in this most worthwhile venture," writes NEST Coordinator Yvonne Williams

Child Lures Prevention/Teen Lures Prevention and L. Raphael's Global Army Against Child Abuse partner with Russia's Child in Danger shelter to provide Tom's Secret free video to Russian children and families.

It is the moral imperative of all people, the world over, to help keep children safe.
Please help by sharing Tom's Secret video, far and wide.

A FREE video for parents, guardians and children to watch together. In just 4 minutes, kids learn that All Secrets Can Be Told, including secrets about sexual abuse.

Through an official Global Partnership between Child Lures Prevention and L. Raphael Geneve, Tom's Secret video is available FREE for all parents, guardians, schools and other child-serving organizations worldwide. It helps teach children that child sexual abuse is never a child's fault and that All Secrets Can Be Told. Please share this video link far and wide.

Tom's Secret Video: View for FREE

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Our Partners in Prevention include:

CLP/TLP is an Educational Partner
with USA Gymnastics.
CLP/TLP is an Allied Agency
with California State PTA.

Essential Handbook for Parents of Teens
Let"s Talk Teens:

Promoting Healthy Relationships & Preventing Exploitation

Being the parent of a teen is a challenging experience, especially in today"s high tech world. This 20-page handbook navigates parents through health and safety issues facing teens and provides specific low-tech strategies for keeping teens safe.

Reveals Teen Lures used to manipulate and exploit young people. Emphasizes healthy relationships vs. unhealthy relationships. Also focuses on Cyber bullying, Social Networking & Privacy, Over-sharing, Sexting, Dating Violence, Teen Suicide Prevention, Help Hotlines and more.

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Come Meet the Good Folks Behind Child Lures Prevention!

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Meeting and Exceeding Federal Guidelines for Personal Safety Programs

Jennifer Mitchell, Co-President of Child Lures/Teen Lures Prevention, was one of eight national child safety experts who served on the Education Standards Task Force at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). The task force, along with NCMEC staff liaisons and supporting agencies, developed the Guidelines for Programs to Reduce Child Victimization: A Resource for Communities When Choosing a Program to Teach Personal Safety to Children.

Child Lures Prevention and Teen Lures Prevention child personal safety resources align with recommendations in NCMEC"s guidelines.