Jack Weisenborn, Ph.D,
New York State Director

Dr. Jack Weisenborn is a state and nationally recognized child personal safety expert. As an educator, he has diverse expertise in child prevention training, drawing from his experiences as a NY State BOCES Policy Specialist, Investigator for the NY State Child & Family Services, as well as a middle & high school teacher. Dr. Weisenborn joined Team Child/Teen Lures Prevention in November, 2007.

Dr. Jack Weisenborn is currently a certified NY State teacher/administrator, child safety trainer and New York State SAVE (Schools Against Violence Education) instructor (certified at the University of Buffalo.) Dr. Weisenborn is a curriculum developer and child prevention advocate who resides in New York State.

Jack has been instrumental in writing 20 awarded grants for New York State School Districts. He was the lead administrator with the U.S. Department of Education safe schools initiative in New York State, working with the U.S. Secret Service and law enforcement agencies.

Free grant writing services with Jack are available through Child & Teen Lures Prevention.

For over 20 years, Jack has collaborated with educators, law enforcement, and child advocates to bring comprehensive prevention education to communities. Jack is the author of "Taking the School's Safety Pulse" and several published articles. He has also spoken at many National conferences.

His Internet safety work focus is with online behavior and threats to students, applying research findings from the 2008 RIT cyber space study of students grades K-12. He believes all children are priceless, and can boast that teens tune in closely to listen to his informative presentations.

Jack looks forward to working with you to provide personal safety education throughout your New York community. You may contact Dr. Weisenborn at:
Cell: 716-807-8333